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Nov 28, 2012 6:00pm PST
splendid sons. he spends freelug; time raising money to build shelters and provide educational opportunities and health care for women and children. the need is overwhelming after a po years of war. >> people are left homeless without jobs and food, access to clean water, education, health care. >> some resort to living thr ground to stay alive. >> there would be from 15-25 people living in the holes (@ as a quote, unquote, window. living there for two,dp three, three and a half months. winter in afghanistan is brutal. and freezing temperatures. and routes yeenly i would go about the sick, elderly and children they'reht%5 losing duo the cold thchl is one reason why the shelters that cost $2,000 for a family of six or seven people. it can be a life saving structure autos family gyni a kit and build the shelters themselves. window frames doors and beam autos so far the foundation raised enough money to build nearly 400 shelters to house 2300 people. his wife is helping afghan women who remain in refugee camp was a sewing program. they make jewelry. >> all of the income is rein
Dec 3, 2012 6:00pm PST
, spending cuts mean cuts to education, transportation, research and development. there is a proposal to up airline fee that's could raise $1 billion cutting back on those who receive food stamps could bring in another $4 billion to $16 billion eliminating saturday delivery of the mail could save $16 billion. and military spending cuts would hit california. >> defense is a big part of southern california economy. cuts would affect there. >> this afternoon the speaker of the house delivered the g.o.p.'s proposal reducing national debt by $2.2 trillion. including new tax revenue but leading cuts for the top 2% in place. today the president ignored reporter questions about that republican plan but later in a statement the white house rejected it. abc 7 news believes a deal will be struck about the deadline, it will be the republican that's give ground. >> i think this time around, obama learned from his past mistakes and importantly, advantage that if he does nothing he's in better shape than republicans oor professor cane says congressional republicans holding middle class cuts hostage in ord
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2